Skunk2 Universal Race Spring (Straight)

Your Price: $75.99
Part Number:521-99-1040

Skunk2 race springs are available separately giving the experienced tuner more freedom in designing custom suspension set-ups. These are the same springs that come standard in each Skunk2 Racing adjustable coilover kit.

Available as straight, elliptical, or cone tapered in numerous lengths and rates - you can be sure that perfect suspension setup is just a step away.

How to read part # on spring:
Example 0500.250.008
* 0500: (length of spring = 5")
* 250: (inner diamater of spring = 2.50")
* 008: (spring rate = 8kg/mm)

Spring Rate Conversion: 1 kg/mm = 55.88 lb/in

ID: 2.5in
Length: 7in

Rate: 18kg/mm
Style: Straight


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